OBST brand

Musli egzotyczne

Exotic muesli

MUESLI  is a mixture of several kinds of cereal (oat, corn, wheat) with delicious nuts with dried and candied fruits. This product is a good source of fibre, which supports the digestive system and energy injection mainly from the body-friendly complex carbohydrates. Apart from natural sweetness, MUESLI becomes the source of vitamins and minerals thanks to the inserted dried fruits.



Cereals 70 %: wheat flakes, [wholemeal wheat flour 81 %, sugar, salt, baking powder (aerating substance: sodium bicarbonate, wheat flour, aerating substance: two-sodium pyrophosphate), malt extract from barley, gluten flavour], oat flakes, corn flakes (corn grits 92 %, sugar, salt, malt extract from barley ), dried fruits* 30 %: raisins; papaya, sugar; banana chips cut, honey, vegetable oil, coconut chips, roasted peanuts.

*in various proportions


Contains allergens (underlined in Ingredients). The product may contain peanuts and other nuts.

Available packaging:

350 g

Customs code:


Nutrition facts per 100 g:

Energy Fat of which saturates Carbohydrates of which sugars Fiber Protein Salt
1572 kJ / 373 kcal 6,3 g 2,9 g 65,5 g 22,8 g 7,3 g 9,8 g 0,87 g


Unit Packaging (Net Weight) EAN code Units in carton Cartons on pallet Units on pallet Carton dimensions Carton gross weight Carton CBM Cartons in container 40HC without pallets Shelf life
350g 5907731601399 10 64 640 395 x 290 x 180 3,85 0,02 3720 12 months


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