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OBST SA is one of the leading Polish producers of breakfast cereal, shaped cereal products and crisp breads. As one of the few companies in the world OBST SA produces extruded Bread Chips  that are directly expanded crispy pieces of bread. The company was founded in 1997 by Bogusław Obst, an entrepreneur from Chełm. Since then it has been developing rapidly and introducing newer and newer products. OBST SA provides work for over 70 employees.

The idea behind the brand was to establish a Polish family company which would operate on an environmentally friendly basis and supply the citizens of Chełm with healthy food for adults as well as children. Thanks to its high quality products and palatability OBST SA quickly gained recognition amongst its consumers. Currently OBST SA is both a national and worldwide company with a large choice of breakfast products.

Our mission

Since the very beginning our mission has been to manufacture high quality breakfast goods produced with finest natural raw materials, and most importantly at competitive prices.
The great merit of the OBST SA products is their lack of preservatives and artificial additives as well as a modern production process which allows us to preserve the richness of vitamins and microelements contained in the raw materials – mainly wholegrain flours and fruits.

Areas of activity

The products with OBST logo are sold via every available distribution channel such as retail, wholesale and the modern channels. The company also produces private label products for numerous global supermarket retailers as well as for HoReCa in Poland and abroad.
OBST SA has got extensive experience in producing Private Labels. Its great production potential as well as professional and experienced staff allows for manufacturing of high quality products which meet our Clients’ expectations.

We offer support in the following:

  • Developing Formulas

  • Selecting Appropriate Packaging

  • Producing and Packing Products

  • Shipment

The evidence of our qualifications is the cooperation with the biggest Private Label owners such as Real, Carrefour, Lewiatan, Stokrotka, Spar, Shoprite, S Group, Eurocash, Auchan, Tesco.

OBST SA cooperates with distribution companies covering the area of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, North America. 

For the founders of the company the most important thing is to produce healthy food without any unnecessary artificial additives which only contribute to inhancing taste and appearance of the product but take away the nutritional value. Thus, every OBST product is 100% natural. For many years the company has been a certified producer of BIO food, the member of Private Label Manufacturers Association and the holder of the IFS certificate. We also produce kosher breakfast cereals and kosher for Passover as well.

Please feel free to browse our offer.

OBST S.A. is a certified producer of organic food and since July 2014 the company holds IFS certificate


IFS certificate is intended for food producers. It facilitates the strenghtening of consumer confidence for whom the safety and quality of the products are very important. OBST S.A. has been a holder of IFS certificate since 2014.

LUBELSKIE Certificate View certificate

"Lubelskie" Brand is a symbol of quality, innovation and environmental concern. The chapter of regional brand "Lubelskie" granted the certificate to OBST in 2013.

PLMA View certificate

OBST company is a longtime member of Private Label Manufacturers Association

Organic Certificate View certificate

This certificate is granted to producers of organic food whose products meet the requirements of the European Union Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 on organic production and labelling of organic food. OBST has been a holder of this certificate since 2006.



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